Sam Niver had terminal cancer - 
but he wasn't about to let it kill him.

A documentary by Jay Niver and Jay Spain
Edited by David Iversen
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Health & Science Communications Assoc., 2004

November, 2003
"Challenging...vivid portrayal"
"This film should give us great pause. We ought never be naïve enough to assume that popular media has little effect on society...The question implicitly being asked is: 'Is this how you want to die?'"
Paul van der Bijl, The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity

"The film climaxes with one of the most courageous, thought-provoking sequences ever in a documentary. Several months after watching it, I'm still chilled by what I saw; and I'm definitely persuaded about the rightness of a person to have the liberty to decide whether or not to live. As Hamlet said, 'That is the question.'"
Gerald Peary, The Boston Phoenix

1/2 "Powerful"
“ eloquent and remarkably even-handed approach to a hot-button deserves to be seen and discussed.” - Mark Burger,Winston-Salem Journal
Winston-Salem Journal Article from RiverRun Film Festival (.pdf)

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Sam's infamous articles, columns and musings
New Posting Added Oct. 23, 2003

Sam Niver was 76 and had terminal cancer. The end was near. A proud, fiercely independent man, he wanted control in death as well as in life. He could die in a hospital, as his wife did recently, or he could die at home, hopefully on his own terms.

Sam believed strongly in death with dignity and assisted suicide. Did he have the strength to act on his belief? Would he?

In Live and Let Go - An American Death, we meet Sam Niver: patriotic WWII veteran; career newspaperman who ran the Bedford, Ohio hometown newspaper; loving, 50-year husband to his wife, Sweeny; beloved father and respected friend.

Live and Let Go tackles death - the universal fact of life - with unflinching candor. It tells one man's compelling story about the choice he makes ... a choice that everyone must ultimately face.

“ amazing tribute...Live and Let Go makes a powerful case for the right to die.  A film that deserves distribution.” - Cornelia deBruin, Mountain Times Park City, UT

“If there's a compelling case to be made for the delicate topic of euthanasia,Live and Let Go makes it. Sam Niver was a loveable soul, and this is his legacy - we owe it to him and those floundering in similar situations to witness this powerful, unflinching, and above all heartfelt cinematic testimony. Bring a handkerchief and an open mind.” -
Lawrence FerberThe Advocate, LA Weekly

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