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A journalist by training, Sam spent most of his career in the advertising and management end of the weekly newspaper business. In retirement, he had time to write, so turned his attention to monthly columns for friends and family. Word spread and interest grew in his hometown of Warren, PA, and Sam eventually penned more than 150 columns that were printed regularly in the daily Warren Times Mirror.

Never at a loss for words, Sam spouted off about politics, home life, health, America, sports, the economy, growing up in rural Pennsylvania - and anything else that crossed his mind.  He self-published a small collection of writings, "Of Cabbages and Kings," which quickly sold out in Warren.

Selected columns of Sam's will be presented here on a regular basis.

Sam's unapologetic politics were often the subject of his writings.
Back in 1992, he wrote about a subject that could apply even today.

George Bush Is A Loser

Posted October 2003
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For Trout Fishermen...'Twas the Best and Worst of Times
Posted May 2003
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Bring Back the BVDs!
Posted January 2003
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Burn Baby Burn
Posted January 2003
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The Most Useless Weapon
Posted January 2003
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Sam's boyhood recollections of Christmas in a different era, when "Toys weren't us."
Toys Weren't Us
Posted Christmas 2002
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